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Scandic Landscape was founded in 2013 by Tim Mortensen a Dane residing in California for the past 10 years. Tim received his Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Construction from Roskilde Technical College in Roskilde, Denmark. Roskilde Technical College is a division of Roskilde Business College which is among the oldest colleges in Denmark, having been founded in 1869. He also holds a C-27 Contractors License, CLT-E Hardscape Certification, CIC Certification (Certified Irrigation Contractor) from the Irrigation Association, and is an EPA WaterSense Partner. He has held the titles of Landscape Construction Foreman, Project Superintendent, Project Estimator, and Project Manager.

Originating from a country that sees plenty of rain throughout the year, it was quite the eye opener to relocate to a part of the world that requires constant watering and the challenges associated with this work. Over the years Tim gained an interest in landscape design and water conservation and is now tying everything together in an effort to convert landscapes into sustainable and integrated environments.

Scandic Landscape Design Company in Gilroy, CA is established on the foundation that modern day landscaping needs to encompass a whole system approach to design, construction and maintenance in order to support the integrity of the Bay Area’s diverse and magnificent flora and fauna.

Global warming is a reality and there is now ‘unprecedented certainty’ that this is due to greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere whenever we burn fossil fuels. The climate is changing: temperatures are rising and we are experiencing more frequent extreme weather patterns. California has been feeling the impact from the ongoing drought and active measures are required to sustain ourselves in this climate and to preserve our planet for our children and their children.

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